If there were two words to sum up Ian Gutoskie they would be Authentic Goofball. Ian will be the first to tell you he can’t tell a joke to save his life, but listening to his undeniable ability to recreate stories from his life takes you on the most interesting journey you can make sitting down! As he brings you through some familiar experiences and some not so familiar experiences his intense, yet fun-loving nature creates an authentic mix of sweetness, hilarity and passion. His comedy is silly and playful even though it deals with one of the toughest subjects today, mental illness. Ian is diagnosed bipolar II and talks openly about his challenges with it through stand-up. His mission is to not only make people laugh but to provide a reference point and resources for anyone that is suffering with mental illness.

Ian is now based out of Los Angeles and in addition to working on the road is the creator and host of a new sketch based comedy podcast called “Down To DTF” which can be downloaded on iTunes. He has also written a book for people who are new to or interested in becoming involved in the comedy world which is also available for FREE on iTunes.

He is also available for speaking engagements on mental illness. Website coming soon!

You’ve seen Ian in the Movie National Lampoon’s Robodoc, heard him on The Chatter with Robin Quivers, and he’s been a part of Comics On Duty, entertaining the troops.

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